Hey, I'm Chatoya!


I help service based entrepreneurs and thought leaders plan, coordinate, and execute signature events that help scale their business.

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My goal is to help businesses increase their profits, visibility, and credibility through events. 

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Host an event that makes you standout!

Get exclusive access to the TOP 7 strategies to fill seats to your next event today!

Are you struggling to host a successful and profitable event?

That's why my clients hire me!

I service 2 types of clients.

Done For You Entrepreneurs

DIY Entrepreneurs

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Need help planning your live event?

Here are 3 ways I can help you today...

Event Planning Templates


DIY Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs who want to plan, coordinate, and execute their events on their own and need the proper tools and resources to ensure it's successful.

Full Planning, Coordination, & Execution

Done For Your Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who want to be releived from the stress of planning their live signature event, workshop, conference, or retreat. 

    Strategy    Session


DIY Entrepreneurs

A 1 hour call to pick my brain, receive the strategies I use to plan my clients events, get a profitable event timeline, or event profit plan created.