Get the Right Butts in Seats

A Proven Step By Step Process To Fill Seats And Sell Out Your Next Live Event.

Get more clients and make more money!


As an entrepreneur, hosting live events for your business is non-negotiable.

Hosting live events, workshops, and conferences is the fastest way to grow and scale your business.

The entrepreneurial space has become very crowded and many industries are overly saturated, but that doesn’t mean that your business has to suffer.

Events are the #1 strategy to help you stand out amongst your competitors.

I Know You’re Thinking You Can Make More Money Online

You can make a lot of money online, but you can make even more live and in person. In order to scale your business and provide an impactful and memorable mark on your audience you have to get offline too.

Events help you to be able to provide a hands on learning experience to your audience. One that they wouldn’t be able to get on a live webinar, social media or during a strategy call.

Live events also help you to increase your branding, visibility, and credibility. You want to grow your business, but if people don’t know who you are, what you do, and what you’re an expert at you will continue to keep spinning your wheels and racking your brain wondering why you can’t reach your peak in business or why you can’t reach and impact more people.

The Proven Money Making Secret

Most importantly events generate leads for you to secure new clients and increase your profits exponentially. Intensive workshops, VIP Days, conferences, and retreats are the quickest ways to make multiple 5 and 6 figures.

But You Can’t Make 6-Figures If You Can’t Fill Seats To Your Event

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The biggest struggle with planning events is getting people to register. I’ve heard all the event horror stories.

“My event is 2 weeks away and no one has registered!”

“I’m so overwhelmed. Should I cancel or postpone the event?”

“My venue requires a minimum $30K in food/beverages and only 10 people are registered!”

“My hotel room block didn’t sell out now I’m left to pay the price for 25 rooms!”

“I put $5K into my event, only a few people registered. I loss so much money!”

“My event was a disaster! I’m never hosting an event again!”

“I wanted to put my all into my event so I emptied out my bank account and racked up credit cards and the room was basically empty!”

“I hired an event planner and my event still failed!”

An event planner is great, but if you want a sold-out event you need an event marketer or event marketing strategies from an expert.

Imagine this is you:

  • Your event is less than 3 weeks away

  • Only two people have registered

  • Your event is $997

  • Goal is 20 attendees

  • So you hire our agency…..


  • Our agency creates a customized event marketing plan

  • Our agency does all the event marketing

  • 25 people register for the event

  • Event revenue = $25,000

  • Event profit = $23,000

This exact scenario happened and it is the result of one of my clients

She has enjoyed my services so much that she has also attended 2 of my workshops to further her knowledge in event marketing

Just Imagine Being Able To:



+ Host a sold out event AND actually make a profit

+ Sell your event out weeks in advance

+ Provide premium value solving your clients pain points

+ Focus on your content rather than stress about who’s really going to show up

+ Create an unforgettable experience that turns your attendees to lifelong clients

+ Book clients out 3 months in advance after your event

+ Fill seats with repeat attendees for your future events

+ Host an event that people are still raving about years later

But What If No One Shows Up?


But what if they do?

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You will miss so many opportunities in life second guessing yourself. You started a business.

If you weren’t great at what you do then you wouldn’t have done what most people fear. Taking risks and becoming an entrepreneur.

You’re an expert at what you do. Own it! People need you to get where they want to be in life and in their business.

The longer you keep waiting the more you keep holding them back and the longer it’ll take you to get where you really want to be in your business.

Ditch The Fear, Doubt, Excuses And Stop Procrastinating


You’ve been feeding yourself these excuses for way too long:

* You’re scared nobody will show up

* You don’t have any event planning or event marketing experience

* Planning an event is so overwhelming

* You don’t know where to start

* Events are too expensive

* You can’t afford an event planner

* You can’t find a budget friendly venue

* You don’t know what type of event to host

The Secret to Getting Butts In Seats

The success factor to getting the right butts in seats for your event is creating an event marketing plan. A lot of events fail because they lack strategies to market their event effectively.

An event marketing plan is a promotional strategy to gain new clients. In this case, a promotional strategy to fill seats with the right people at your event and to gain new clients after the event.

You’ve Had It Wrong All This Time

Posting an event flyer and telling people to click the link in your bio will not sell out your event

Having a lot of followers is not the key to selling out your event

Creating a social media calendar is not an event marketing plan

If you want to host purposeful, profitable, and impactful sold out events you don’t need to hire an event planner you need proven event marketing strategies from an event marketer.

If the thought of hosting an event terrifies you and developing an event marketing plan is foreign to you, I’ve created a perfect solution just for you.

Life just got super easy for you and your business. Thank me later!

We’ve all made mistakes in planning an even or are terrified of making mistakes that would cost us lots of money.

Well just like Lisa, you can have access to my expertise so that you don’t have to worry about failing from avoidable mistakes

Here’s how you can gain access to my expertise and host a profitable and successful event…

Untitled design (5).png

Get the Right Butts in Seats is an 6-week course that walks you through the process of getting the right prospects so that you can host a profitable sold out event.

I’ve incorporated all of my event planning and event marketing experience and documented my process to getting the right butts in seats in this course just for you.

This course is the same step by step process I use to market all of my clients events and as well as my events.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect during each module:


Module 1: Proven Results to Hosting a Live Event

+ How a live event will benefit your business

+ The profitability of live events

+ Relationship building with your audience

+ How to increase your credibility and be known as an industry expert

+ Events that produce the most value, exposure, and profits

+ How to make your event stand out from your competitors


Module 2: How to Define Your Ideal Attendee

+ Determine your marketing message so that you can fill seats to your event with the right people

+ Identify your ideal attendee

+ Learn where to find your ideal attendee

+ Identify your event focus and confirm if it’s exactly what your audience needs before you waste time planning an event that’s not beneficial to them

+ Outline the value of your event and position it as a must attend event


Module 3: How to Set Ticket Prices for Your Sold Out Event

+ Pricing strategy for various types of events

+ How to price your tickets so that you can make a profit

+ Create a Profit Plan and manage your event budget

+ Create a break-even analysis

+ How to minimize expenses so that you can keep more money in your pocket


Module 4: How to Create a Magnetic Event Sales Page

+ How to get people to your registration page and make sure they don’t leave without purchasing a ticket

+ The worst event registration mistakes to make and how to avoid them

+ Must have content to convert interested visitors to attendees

+ Create worthy incentives that increase your ticket sales


Module 5: How to Create an Event Marketing Plan

+ Develop an Event Marketing Plan to sell out your event

+ Event marketing strategies that fill seats with the right people

+ Promotion and marketing tactics that work specifically for your event

+ Online and offline event marketing secrets that increase your visibility

+ The proper amount of time you need to plan and promote your event


Implementation Week: Execute Your Event Marketing Plan & Host Your Sold Out Event

+ Event marketing timeline to keep you on track with promotion and execution

+ Maximize the use of your content without annoying and overloading your audience

+ Create marketing and promotional content that converts attendees

+ Outline post event strategies

+ Get ready for your next event


Are You Ready for a Life Changing Experience with Events?

About Me

Hey! I’m Chatoya Antwine, Event Marketer and Event Planner at A la carte Galore Agency. I help service-based entrepreneurs plan, promote, and profit from live events.

With over 8 years of experience planning and marketing events, I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs and small business owners get the right butts in seats and host profitable events nationwide.

My clients have been able to increase their visibility for their events, gain credibility in their industries, host sold out events, and profit multiple 4 and 5 figure events. Most importantly provide premium value to their attendees and covert them to long-term clients. 



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I am so invested in making sure your next event is a success, I’m giving you these lifetime bonuses too:


Bonus #1: How to Gain Media Attention 2.0

+ How to create the perfect media kit and one sheet

+ Create buzzing email subject lines that get your pitches answered

+ Strategies to reach and secure the right media outlets for your event

+ Press Release Templates

(Value $297)

Gain Media Attention.png
Gain Sponsorships.png

(Value $297)

Bonus #2 How to Gain Sponsorships For Your Event

+ How to scout for your ideal sponsors and learn about their sponsorship goals

+ Prove your sponsorship value and ROI

+ Create sponsorship packages that attract 

+ How to value and price your sponsorship packages

+ Learn how to maximize your event revenue with sponsorships



Bonus #3 6 Weeks of Email Support

+ Weekly email support to assist with the implementation of your event marketing plan as well as any additional questions you may have regarding material throughout the course. 

(Value $1197)

Bonue 3 Email Support.png

Bonus #4

Top 10 Venue Finder Resources

You'll get a complete list of the top 10 resources I use to find my free and budget friendly venues. This list is golden!


Venue Email Templates

Swipe files to use when contacting venues for information and booking. Including template for pitching venues to use event space for free.

Total BonusValue $1,897

Total Cost for you: Free for a limited time!


Limited Time Bonuses Expire Soon!

Get the most value now for only $497


Who is this course for?

 +Service Based Entrepreneurs

+ Online Entrepreneurs

+ Coaches

+ Consultants

+ Authors

+ Podcast Hosts

Clients and industries I’ve worked with:

+ Marketing Agencies

+ Graphic Designers

+ Web Developers

+ Photographers

+ Videographers

+ Real Estate Investors

+ Tax Lien Coaches

+ Health & Wellness

+ Accountants

+ Beauty Stylists

+ Beauty Retailers

+ Make-up Artists

And more!

Time is Running Out


Client Status

Chantel Owens of GA Tax Lien Bootcamp

  • Event was less than 3 weeks away

  • Only two people had registered

  • Ticket price $997

  • Attendee Goal = 20

  • Decided to hire my agency


  • I created a customized event marketing plan

  • Our agency completed all event marketing

  • Client received social media manager

  • 25 people register for the event

  • Event revenue = $25,000

  • Event profit = $23,000


  • When will I gain access to the course?

    • You will receive immediate access. Resources, materials, templates, and worksheets will be provided for each module.


  • Will I have access to replay the training videos?

    • Of course! You will have lifetime access to the course. You’ll also have access to any future updates and added materials.


  • Can I request a refund?

    • No, the course is non-refundable. Once you make your payment you will gain access to the entire course. Since all access is given, I can not provide a refund. But no worries, the course content supercedes the value of this course.